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To The Future of Private Banking

Otto Von Bismarck's influence has shaped the financial services industry for over 150 years. Now we're bringing
Private Banking into the 21st century and giving you the opportunity to join the Count Bismarck family.

Enjoy the convenience of all-digital banking

We believe in using technology to bring new approaches to our industry. Say goodbye to banking the old way with our advanced digital banking platform, designed to make your day-to-day banking easy and hassle-free.


Wealth management at your fingertips

Time is precious and dreams are not just for when you're asleep. Our excellent wealth management allows you to achieve what you already know is possible and more. We harness AI and Quantum Computing to enhance our research


Build relationships with exclusive memberships

Our exclusive multi-use private memberships allow you to build long-lasting relationships with like-minded people, gives you invitations to global events, and access to VIP airport lounges when you travel.


Why should the benefits of Private Banking and
Wealth Management be available only to the very few.

Join the Count Bismarck family.

Digital Banking

Why continue to struggle with banking designed for the past. Bring yourself into the future with our advanced digital banking platform, with its many cutting-edge features. Use the Count Bismarck card and online account to take the hassle out of your day-to-day banking.

Your wealth, your way

Wealth is not just about how much money you have. Wealth is about being able to live how you want to live, security for you and your loved ones, and always knowing your money is invested in line with your values

Let us do the work and choose from our carefully curated selection of investment opportunities in funds, portfolios and direct placements.

Exclusive Membership

A sense of belonging can go a long way. Our private memberships give you access to more than ordinary people. Make connections to further your potential, sharpen your edge at exclusive events, or just relax in luxury, all with just the flash of your membership card. Take advantage of our wide range of premium services designed specifically for you.

Count Bismarck is more than just a name. It's a family and we're inviting you to join.

About Us

Count Bismarck Modern Private Banking is a new fintech platform, combining digital banking,
investments and club memberships. We are democratising Private Banking so that now all our
clients have access to the special benefits previously available only to the very few.

Digital Banking

Gain access to an advanced online banking platform created for this century using new cutting-edge features partnered with Treezor.

Curated Investments

We provide you with a state-of-the-art wealth platform where you can access our carefully curated selection of portfolios, funds and investments. We use AI and Quantum Computing to enhance our Research.

Alternative and Direct investments

Profit from a fully regulated investment platform and marketplace of unique and exclusive projects.

Exclusive Memberships

Build long-lasting connections with other like-minded Count Bismarck members all around the world. Get exclusive access to worldwide events, business & Sports club.

Become Part Of The Count Bismarck Family

Curated Investments

We offer a diverse Portfolio of preselected and curated investment Product. Explore the investment topic below.

Invest in

Berlin properties

Harness unique growth potential by investing in exclusive residential and commercial real estate in Germany’s most diverse and vibrant property market.

Invest in


Immerse yourself in the beautiful world of art by exploring meticulously curated investment opportunities in collections of both evolving and sought-after artists.

Invest in


Drive change in today’s energy mix and benefit from new structural industry trends, including dramatically improved economics in solar energy production, by investing in distinct growth opportunities.

Invest in

Private Companies

Benefit from unique growth potential in non-registered offerings, ranging from innovative startups to emerging-growth companies and mature issuers across various industry sectors.

Invest in


Ready to forego mainstream investing in search of exceptional financial return potential? Explore select investment opportunities in leading crypto currencies based on a rigid analysis of the risks involved.

Invest in


Employ a holistic approach to investing to make a positive environmental and social impact without compromising on exceptional financial performance.

Backed by giants

Our ambition is shared by our business partners and investors - to bring the special benefits of Private Banking to all our clients

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